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The past few days, I have been working on the web site for the Zicsoft Learn Chinese dictionary software that I have just released. Visit the web site here.
A few issues cropped up in the last few days when  the software is about to be released. One of the problems was the issue with icon images, which prevented Windows XP computers from running the software correctly. I have removed the icons for those computers using XP Windows. Another issue is the installation of .NET 4 Framework. It will be a hasssle for users  to wait   15 minutes just to install the .NET Framework 4. Microsoft should have provided ample warnings on these issues to developers. I have opted to use .NET 3.5 instead, to reduce the installation time to more maneagable level.
My next target will probably to adopt the software to mobile phone. I am looking at Windows Phone 7 wihich will released in October 2010.

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