Zicsoft Learn Chinese Dictionary – Part 2

The application setup package  is available for download.

 Download Zicsoft Learn Chinese Dictionary

Please follow the setup instruction that is found in the setup package.


How to use this application

This application was developed by Ken Chew (kchew@zicsoft.com). The software is distributed as Freeware. You may use this software on any number of computers for as long as you like. The software is NOT Public Domain software. You may use the software only subject to the following conditions:

  • You may not modify the program or documentation files in any way
  • You may not decompile or otherwise reduce the Software to a human perceivable form
  • You may not re-distribute the software


This application can be used to:

A.      Obtain the meaning of Chinese characters (simplified and traditional) , i.e. Chinese-English dictionary.

B.       Obtain Chinese characters from English word(s), i.e. English-Chinese dictionary.

C.      Display list of related compound words.

D.      Convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese and vice-versa.

E.       Translate paragraph from English or other major languages into Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

F.       Translate paragraph from Simplified or Traditional Chinese into English.

G.     Provide list of Chinese characters and their descriptions  besides translating into English.


Notable features:

·         This application uses the CC-CEDICT (Community maintained public-domain Chinese-English dictionary) data.  The file can be downloaded from the CC-CEDICT wiki site (http://cc-cedict.org/wiki/).  The dictionary is frequently updated,  and on 22 June 2010, there are 98,103 entries.  You can periodically update the dictionary data by downloading the file from CC-CEDICT website. Unzip the dictionary file, and place it in the subfolder called ‘zicchinesedictionary’ of documents folder. Ensure that the name is ‘cedict_ts.u8’


·         Language translation requires computer to be connected to the internet.  Translation service is provided by Microsoft through its Microsoft Translation Version 2 technology.

Chinese Characters Input:

Chinese characters can be inputted in following ways:

·         Use a Chinese language word processor.

·         Use Windows keyboard Chinese language input   or IME pad.  Several methods can be used. My preferences are using the Pinyin, though at times the method of using radical is required.


New experience input style: using full Pinyin




IME pad : using radical and character strokes



·         Use Tablet PC Input panel to write Chinese character. This is a great way of inputting those characters that one can’t seem to identify the radical or Pinyin.  The Chinese language pack can be downloaded via the Windows update service, for Windows 7 Ultimate users.


                Tablet PC Input: Handwriting recognition


·         As a last resort, go to Bing search engine site, and type the English word. To get “I love you” in Chinese, just type “translate I love you to chinese”. Copy and paste the Chinese characters.


Feedbacks and suggestions are welcomed. Please contact K Chew at kchew@zicsoft.com.

Happy learn Chinese!

21 June 2010

Cherrybrook, NSW.



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