Romance of the Theree Kingdoms – photos

I am still watching the remake of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms –  Zhou Yu has died heart-broken, and Lu Bei is about to conquer Sichuan. Following are series of photo stills from the TV series:
A spectacular battle scene photo
Main protoganist of the story, Cao Cao with last Han Emperor in the background
Liu Bei is the other main protoganist of the story
Lu Bu, his ‘flying horse’ and his soldiers. He was a general that was known for his fighting prowness, and could take on Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. 
Three Kingdoms is not just about military affairs. There are also a number of beauties in the story written by Luo GuanZhong.  Following are their photos:
Diao Chan is played by Chen Hao. Diao Chan is the lover and wife of Lu Bu. She is one of the four great beauties of ancient China.
Diao Chan and Lubu

Diao Chan being taken away by Cao Cao soldiers, after Lubu was captured
Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao, the two sisters who married  Sun Ce and Zhou Yu.
Who is prettier?
Sun ShangXiang part is played by Ruby Lin. She was the sister of Sun Quan (ruler of Eastern Wu), is trained in martial art and would marry Liu Bei.



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