Sichuan travelogue – Mugecuo

After breakfast in the Love Song hotel, we headed north to Mugecuo (木格措) scenic area. The park entrance is 17 km away or about 45 minutes drive  from Kangding. The weather on the day would be excellent according to our bus driver. Along the way, we could scenic villages with dwellings built in traditional style with stones,  cattle and sheep grazing and farmlands.   The cattle here have furry coatings to allow them to withstand cold weather better.

This is a region of great beauty, of snowy mountains, alpine forest, wild flowers, crystal clear lake and gurgling streams, inhabited mainly  by the Tibetan people. At the entrance, visitors will need to take scenic area buses, that take them to the Mugecuo lake at elevation 3800m. The bus climbed up the scenic  mountains route for about 45 minutes.  Snow started to appear half way during the journey to the lake area.  Mugecuo lake, which is also known as wild man lake (野人海) is a sacred  alpine lake perched in a wide valley between mountains. Its water is mainly fed from melting snow of the mountains surrounding it.  I have been to South Island of New Zealand quite recently and the alpine lake views over there are really fantastic, but the scenery over here is even better.  

On the way back, the bus made several stops to allow visitors to walk along the mountain streams , taking a dip in hot spring or enjoy the splendid scenery. Besides Megecuo lake there are several other spots for visitors can enjoy. However, we could not visit most of them due to time constraint and the wintry weather. The picture book of the park that can be bought at the  ticket booth shows the beauty of the place during spring and autumn. Then, one could indulge in the intoxicating atmosphere of azaleas bloom along with other wild flowers at lower mountain slope.  This area is also called Kangding Love Song scenic spot.  It has been promoted as an area where … “On the mountain where horses run,  with clouds floating amidst …” (跑马溜溜的山上,一朵溜溜的云哟). It is certaintly worth another visit.

This visit to Mugecuo scenic area concluded my Sichuan travel. It has been a wonderful travel bringing everlasting memories.

 Magnificent view of Mugecuo lake



Walkway and the ‘beach’ area of the lake covered in snow


Mugecuo lake is also a scared lake. Tibetans paint religious mural on the hill side. 

Serene view


The lake water drains into the stream


Magnificent view of snowy mountain in the background


Bus stopped along the route allowing visitors to snap photos and enjoy views. A heaven for avid nature photographer.


Walkway built for visitors to enjoy the mountain walk, with blue sky, snow and crystal clear mountain stream – a great combination



 Visitors admiring the view as they walk down on the walkway



Tibetan Buddhist rotating  prayer drum great visitors at the end of the walkway


The majestic  twin peaks of Lianhuashan, as seen from the Seven Color lake area. 


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