Sichuan travelogue – Chengdu (Wu hou ci , Qingyang temple, Jinsha Relics)

Wu Hou Ci (武侯祠)is a memorial dedicated to Zhuge Liang, one of the most celebrated Chinese politician and strategist who lived during the Three Kingdom period. It is about 15 minutes drive from Chengdu city centre. There are a number of such memorials, and what set is apart is the stone stele with inscription from a Tang dynast Prime Minister, who dedicated the stele to Zhuge Liang.  There are a number of buildings, as well as nice gardens for relaxation. There are statues of all the key figures involved in the Three Kingdoms, including all the generals and strategists, as well as description of the main battles. I took slightly more than an hour in walking through the buildings and garden. For those people looking for authentic relics or exhibits of Three Kingdom era weapons, it will be a disappointment. There are models and drawings of the weapons used though.


The  Qingyang (green goat) temple ,is  10 minutes taxi ride from Wu Hou Ci. This is one of the famous ancient Taoist temple, first established during the Tang dynasty. It has been rebuilt a number of time since then. Nevertheless, it is calming and relaxing place, with elegant buildings, providing a soothing oasis in the midst  of the bustling city.  There are 2 famous bronze goats at front of a temple, and touching them could bring good fortune (see photo). I wasn’t very interested on religious matters or spiritual service being offered, and made my exit after 45 minutes.  

Another place worth visiting in the city is the Jinsha archaeological ruin museum. This is a rather impressive museum built over the excavated ruin of ancient mysterious civilization that was contemporary of the Shang period, i.e. over 3500 years ago. Some of the exhibits like the gold masks are just priceless. One could easily 2 hours here, visiting the excavation site, viewing the exhibits and relaxing at the cafeteria. The minus point is the pricey entrance ticket.

Entering the first hall in Wu Hou Ci.


Statue of Zhuge Liang


Entrance to another hall dedicated to Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei

Magnificent garden


Interesting wall tile near Liu Bei tomb

Strange bonsai


Gingko tree


The eight trigram pavillon at Qingyang temple



Devotee at Qingyang temple


Temple assistant explaining the significance of the famous bronze goat.

Devotee kneeling infront of statues of Taoist immortals


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