Sichuan travelogue – Dujiangyan

Dujiangyan (都江堰)is a famous ancient irrigation scheme that lies at the foothills of the  mountains. It is about an hour and half by car from Chengdu.
The builder title is credited to the governor of the ancient Qin state called Li Bing (李冰).  He lived during the Warring States period, which is about 2500 years ago.
There is a stone statue of him,  with recognisable writing engraved on the rock paying tribute to him. The irrigation scheme prevented the water from the mountains from overflowing the Min river and flood the downstream irrigation area. He ordered the construction of irrigation head that consists of a fish mouth levee, and used it to divert large water flow into another stream, called the outer stream. Approximately 60% of water go into inner stream, while another 40% enter outer scheme during the flooding season.
A walk of about one half and hour is adequate for most visitors, to view the irrigation head, walk along the levees, cross the bridge, visit temples, exihibits  etc. The more adventurous visitors  could also walk and climb along the hilly right bank, and enjoy nice panaroma before making exit to the old street.
The Dujiangyan irrigation scheme lies close to the Dujiangyan city itself. This city was badly affected by the 2008 earthquake, though there are few signs that one can see. It seems to be most  of the buildings have withstood the earthquake. There are also extensive building restoration or reconstruction works that still going on today.
Main entrance to the Dujiangyan site
View of the inner stream
Bridge across the inner stream is popular with visitors
The fish mouth levee in the foreground. Inner stream on right, and while outer stream is on the left.
View of one of the hillside gate or pass in Dujiangyan
Ancient house cluster at Dujiangyan
Front view of the ancient houses, which have turned into shops
Crowds milling around the old street of Dujiangyan
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