Da Fen Oil Painting Village

Visited Da Fan oil pianting village (大芬油画村)yesterday. It  is located at the outskirt of Shenzhen, in a district called Longgang. It is accessible by a 30 minute taxi ride from city centre or by numerous busses. I’m not sure why it is called a village, when in reality it is a suburban part of Shenzhen, in a well developed area. Perhaps, it was a village in the early 90s when an HK entrepreneur started to gather artists to produce oil paintings for world wide market.
I have seen TV documentary showing team of artists at work producing imitation oil painting of master pieces by famous Western artists. Well, I did not get to see many artists at work. There place is more of shops and art galleries, selling various kind of paintings, from beautiful originals to cheaper imitaions. Some of the painting are just awesome, and are worth displaying in any top art galleries of the world. A large potrait painting can be done in a week and will cost about RMB700. Bought  imitations of Van Goff (the Sunflower) for RMB45, and a couple of silk embroidery pieces for RMB100 each. These will make nice gift souveniers.
The place is well kept and there is no annoying pedlars or anyone employing hard sell tactics. It is certainly worth visiting for  travellers who are spending a little more time in Shenzhen.
In the evening, spend time at the Cultural Village. Bought night ticket for RMB50, to see the Yunnan cultural extravaganza performance. It is ceratainly worth the money. There is also a night theme, where visitors (those brave enough) can experince being spooked by all kind of Chinese ghosts. It was just like in the movie, where one experience eeary ghoulish sound, bluish and greenish light and long hair ghost in white. I was not easily scared offcourse, until a little devil sneaked and screamed on me from a dark corner. He caught me unaware… This cheeky little devil..
Painting and frames on display at an art shop
Coffee break at Da Fen
An art studio
Art galleries
View from hotel in OCT

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