Guangzhou – revisited

Photos taken in Guangzhou on 12 December.
Baiyun Mountain – Just at the edge of the city, lies Baiyun Shan. It is a good place to get away from pollution, and the hustle and bustle of bustling city. It is very popular with the local Guangzhou people. Took a taxi to the foot of the hill and then walked about 40 minutes to reach the popular destination near the top.  It will be an easy walk if you are fit and able. There is also a cable car alternative route to the top. Cost RMB25 to go up, and RMB15 to get down. The peak is less accessible, and probably require another half hour of climb.
There are also a few gardens in the vicinity of the Baiyun Shan worth visiting.
Another observation is that it is a common sight to see Africans, Indians and Arabs walking in the streets of downtown Guangzhou. Certain shopping malls are almost exclusively catered for these people. Even the restaurants and cafetaria cater have menus catering for them. These people are not exclusively male, as women are also a common sight.
The air pollution is a problem and seems to be geting worse, according to the locals. From the talks, I gather this is due mainly to vehicles emissions. Hopefully, Guangzhou city can resolve it’s air pollution situation.
View from somewhere near the top
Near the top …
Having meals at Baiyun Shan – close to Jiu Lung Yuan 九龙泉 (nine dragon spring)
Beautiful and intricate carving of dragon at temple 九龙泉
Guangzhou city: There are many black people in the city, as they come to do business there. Most of them are tradrs, buying cheap clothing and then bring them back t sell.
Dilipidated houses: There are still a number of crumblng old houses in Guangzhou city itsef. This one is near the Chen family academy tourist sport.

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