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Article is from Global Times. It’s heavy reading stuff for me.



(qiang2 hua4 = strengthen ; zhou bian = peripheral)
China should strengthen the capability of periphery states

(bao4 fa = erupted)

The armed conflict incidence that erupted in Burma’s Kokang area indicates: peripheral states stable, China is secure ; peripheral states chaotic, China is troubled.

缅甸不是唯一出现动荡的中国周边国家,东亚、南亚及东北亚近年都出现过极端 事态,如何化解周边地区的紧张已成为中国作为大国崛起过程中绕不开的话题。

(dong4 dang4 = turmoil; ji2 duan = extreme; shi4 tu4 = situation )

(hua2 jie3 = to resolve; jue2 qi3 = rapid rise)

Burma is not the only peripheral states having turmoil, East Asia, South Asia to Northeast also have extreme events.  How to defuse the tensions in peripheral states is not an open  a topic in the  process for the re-emergence of China.

今天,中国与邻国发生直接的、大规模军事冲突的可能性已大大降低,但周边形势却变得更加复杂。在中国的14个陆上邻国、6个海上邻国中,有相当一部分处于转型期,民族和社会矛盾频频发生,而政府的控制力又在明显下降,极易造成 局势 失控引发大规模动乱。


(xing2 shi4 = circumstances ; zhuan3 xing2 = transformation ; zao4 cheng2 = bring about ; ju2 shi4 = state of affairs ; shi kong4 = out of control ; yin3 fa = lead to )


Today, the possibility of large scale military conflicts between China and neighbouring countries have largely been reduced, but circumstances in the neighbouring countries have become more complicated. Having 14 continental neighbours and 6 maritime neighbours, quite a few are in transitional stage, where ethnics and societal conflicts occur frequently. And when government control is in obvious decline, it creates a situation where it is unable to keep order, leading to large scale upheaval.

在此背景下,中国周边的一些历史遗留问题非但没有随着冷战结束而化解,有的甚至更加恶化。为寻求安全感和政权稳定,有些邻国政府甚至不惜 采取极端方式。周边局势对中国和平发展的战略机遇期已构成 严峻 挑战


(yi2 liu2 – inherited; fei dan4 = not only ; e4 hua4 = worsen ; bu4 xi = not hesistate ; cai3 qu3 = adopt ; zhan4 lue4 = strategy ; gou4 cheng2 = constitute  ; yan2 jun4 = grim ; tiao3 zhan4 = challenge )


In this context, the problems inherited from cold war legacy in a few neighbouring countries have not been concluded or resolved, and could even have worsen. In order to seek safety and stability of the regimes, a few neighbouring countries have not hesitation in using extreme measures. The situations in neighbouring countries pose serious challenge to China’s peaceful development strategy.






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