Reading Chinese exercise

Occasionally, I read Chinese articles, but hardly find enjoyment in reading them – it is just too tough for me Disappointed. There are just too many terms that I need to understand and look into the dictionary. The following lines are from a blog by a Malaysian politician. His opinions are expressed in English as well as in Chinese ( did he really write in Chinese too).



刚结束数日小休。我在星期二到亚罗士打走了一趟,随后到沙巴,分别视察 基层与当地马华领袖的反应。


视察Shi4 cha2 – inspect / investigate

基层 Ji4 ceng2 – basic level (grass root level)

领袖 Ling3 xiu4 – leader (lit. collar and sleeve)


(My direct translation: Just completed few days of rest. On Tuesday I was on trip to Alor Star, and later proceed to Sabah, to find out the reactions from the MCA grass root members and their local leaders)




开除 Kai chu2 – expel

普遍  Pu3 bian4 – widespread / universal

试图 Shi4 tu2 – attempt

进行 Jin4 xing2 – carry out


(My direct translation: Basically, the grass root members and local leaders are not happy with MCA leadership on the decision to expel me. They widely believe, the leadership tried to kill me politically)


与此同时,我的支持者号召 举行 特别代表大会(特大),并从星期一起收集支持特大者的签名


支持者 Zhi chi2 zhe3 – supporter

号召 Hao4 zhao4  – appeal / call

举行 Ju3 xing4 – hold (a meeting etc)

收集 Shou1 Ji2 – collect / gather

签名 Jian ming2 – signature


(At the same time, my supporters are calling for an EGM to be held, and thus from Monday will be gathering signatures in support of the EGM)



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