Reading Chinese exercise – ‘No Indonesian maid’

I am a regular visitor to a certain Malaysia politician log. What attracts me to his site is that he discusses Malaysian social and political matters , from a perspective that I somewhat share. Sometime his blog writings appear in both English and Chinese, and this provide me opportuinity to read Chinese, with an English equivalent available on hand.
This is what he wrote on  "No Indonesia Maid" (only 2 paragraphs reproduced):
Finally, the Indonesia government reacted by banning Indonesian maids to work in Malaysia. Individually, Indonesians can on their own apply to Malaysian employer on a direct basis to work in Malaysia. Hence, how effective this government ban will be, only time will tell. Many unemployed Indonesian ladies would work to circumvent this official ban. After all, there are many illegal Indonesians working in Malaysia. In fact, illegal Indonesians constitute the largest group of illegal workers in this country.
With the Indonesia government facing an election year trying to be popular, decision made can puzzle the outsiders. This ban on Indonesian maids to work in Malaysia is one classical example. All right thinking Malaysians condemns employers who abused their maid. The abusive employer is to be found in every part of the world, not just among Malaysians. The ban would only serve Indonesian maids finding its way to work in Malaysia illegally. Then, when the employer becomes abusive, the illegal maid will be at the mercy of the abusive employer. The maid will then have to choose to report to the police and at the same time having its status of being an illegal worker be exposed. In short, the abusive employer may go scot-free since the employer is aware that the illegal maid may not seek legal recourse.
In Chinese:

印尼政府宣布终于发出声明禁止 输出印尼女佣来马。


(Xuan bu4 = declare ; sheng ming2 = statement ; jin4 zhi3 = prohibit ; shu chu = export ; nu3 yong4 = maid)


尽管如此,该国女佣还是可以个别向大马雇主 直接申请,以来马工作。

(Jin3 guan3 = despite ; gu4 zhu4 = employer ; zhi2 jie = direct




(jin4 ling4 = ban ; you3 xiao4 = effective ; shuo ming2 = explain )


相信该国许多失业的女性将设法 规避官方禁令,别忘了还有很多印尼外劳非法逗留在大马。


(shi ye4 = unemployment ; she4 fa3 = make an attempt; gui bi4 = evade; dou4 liu2 = stay at )



(shi4 shi2 shang4 = infact ; pang2 da4 = enormous )



Second para:


随着印尼即将面对全国大选,该政府试图 人民欢心而作出一些外人困惑 难解的决定,禁止印尼女佣来马工作就是一个典型例子


(sui2 zhe = following; ji2 jiang4 = on the eve ; shi4 tu2 = attempt; tao3 = demand ; kun4 huo4 = bewilder; nan2 jie3 = hard to solve ; dian3 xing2 = typical case ; li4 zi = example)


虐待女佣的大马雇主都面对众人严厉 谴责


(nve4 dai4 = mistreatment ; yan2 li4 = severe ; qian3 ze2 = condemnation)





(po4 shi3 = force)




(zao dao4 = suffer ; shou4 zhi4 = controlled ; ju3 bao4 = report ; jie = divulge ; zui4 xing2 = crime )

由于非法女佣不敢诉诸法律,最终,这些坏心的雇主将继续 逍遥法外


(ji4 xu4 = continue ; xiao yao fa3 wai4 = outside reach of law)



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