Another discussion on democracy

Another discussion on democracy. This time from a  respected forumner in Asiawind forum.  I find his idea incisive, and his thinking very clear on the matter – that is why I am retaining his commentary for the record here.
While I’m no CCP insider (not being a party member), I can tell you that the CCP is already actively engaged in a democracy discussion.

And there you have it. If you think democracy is bad, it’s not good enough for you to just dismiss it. That’s because the train has already left the station. What you can do, is to join the debate, and argue your case.

The worst mistake that patriotic Chinese could make in this case, is to assume democracy is just a western invention and therefore could be readily dismissed. Remember, in its barest esssence, democracy is about proper governance to serve the people. In that sense democracy is something everyone should care about. What’s really important, is that if China could decide for itself what real democracy is, there would be less chance that the west could infiltrate China with the west’s own democracy agenda whose very purpose is to undo China.

As I argued in another thread (above, in italic) , Chinese should not fear "democracy". Instead, they should see clearly what democracy means (especially seeing through all the lies behind that term perpetuated by the west), and make use of it in the Chinese context.

Over the years, so much propaganda has been created to destablize developing countries by making democracy an end in itself (when it’s really a means), and by spreading the lie that multi-party elections is the only form that democracy could take. Of course that’s all bull.

Democracy is of course not an end. Look at the Preamble to the US Constitution–this is the statement of the very purpose of government in the USA. And it says,

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Democracy is not an end to the US nation. The objectives for the US nation, according to the preamble, are a bunch of other things, and in this particular order:

Tranquility (we Chinese use the term "harmony")
General welfare (well-being)
Blessings of Liberty

The word democracy is not even in there, that’s because democracy is not considered an objective. Democracy is a means, and even then, its contents are not clear. It may mean mulit-party elections, and it may not.

And look at that order again: Union, Justice, Tranquility, Defense, General Wellbeing, and, lastly, Liberty. Actually, not just Liberty, because Liberty could be for good or bad. The Preamble made that very clear: the *Blessings* of Liberty, or Liberty for a good purpose, not Liberty for the sake of Liberty, not Liberty that might lead to chaos.

If the Chinese people could even read the US Consitution correctly, they would see that they’ve been fed so many lies by Chinese "democrats" and their western masters.

So you have to wonder, why is it that US officials go around telling the world that "people everywhere" want freedom and democracy, when the US Consitution says very clearly that "we the (American) people" want Union, Justice, Tranquility, Defense, General Wellbeing, and, the blessings (not the ill effects) of freedom?

Go through that list again, they actually coincide quite neatly with what Chinese want, and what most third worlders want. The first thing is country, or union, or territorial integrity, which is mixed with Defense. The second is Justice, meaning that we have a functioning judicial system (not necessarily dominated by ambulance chasing lawyers, either). Third is Tranquility, or harmony. Forth is General Well-being, and finally the good things (not chaos) brought by Freedom.

If people everywhere could still to the truth, and common sense, and common decency, they won’t go astray. If US officials could interpret the aspirations of their own Founding Fathers truthfully, they wouldn’t get other countries, and their own, into so much trouble.


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