Recollection of April trip


·         Taxi ride from airport to city is about 30 -40 minutes, and cost about 90 RMB

·         There are a few major bus stations in HZ. For Huangshan bus, go to the West Station

·         West Lake can be crowded at times. Somehow I felt that it has lost its charm

·         Newer part of the city is well planned and has very nice buildings

·         View along the road to the Longjing tea farm is scenic

·         Many shops close rather early at around 8 PM

·         Ticket to West Lake Impression show (directed by Zhang Yimou) is around 220 RB. Was offered 180 RMB by a shop assistant though.

·         LeiFeng pagoda and Yue Fei temple are rather dissapointing

·         The airport is quite impressive



·         Largest city is Tunxi, about 70 km away from foot of Huangshan

·         Town closest to Huangshan is called Tangkou

·         Restaurant in Tunxi’s laojie called meiren shi jia is a must try. All taxi drivers will know the place.

·         The Noah Arks Hotel (Nuoya zhou ) is quite allright, given the price – $200 per night.

·         Beware of many trishaw pedlars that want to bring you for 2 RMB. It’s safer and much better to get on a taxi. Cost on 5 RMB to go to main city shopping area. But these pedlars can be very persistant, and followed me around. Actually, took pity on this woman pedlar who followed me around for 10 minutes. In the end , she gave up on me. But I do admire the detremination of these people, who don’t easily gave in. She told me she had to make money, but it’s tough as the city has issued out about 500 such trishaw licences. So competition for touris was keen, not only from her fellow trishaw pedlars, but more ominously from the many taxis which charge incredibly cheap at 5 RMB.

·         Entrance fee for Huangshan is 200 RMB. One way cable car charge is 80 RMB. To hire a car from Huangshan entrance to Tunxi, it will cost 200 RMB.

·         Avoid Huangshan during weekend, except maybe during winter. I’m advised to return during winter to enjoy the beauty sights of Huangshan. Will think about it.


·         Bus fare from hotel to city is about RMB 10

·         Taxi fare is about 40 to 50 RMB.

·         The Jinjiang Xianhua hotel is average 4 stars hotel. Paid about 300 RMB per night.

·         Taxi fare start from 10 RMB

·         Seems that it is alway wet in Guiyang. It was also rather cold compared to other cities.

·         Traffics within the city was very heavy, especially during rush hours

·         People here like spicy food

·         There doesn’t seem to be a pedestrian shopping mall here ( I might be wrong though)

·         The airport is rather small by China standard, but not too bad. Infact, it is rather efficient



·         I like Xiamen. Very livable, with all kind of retaurants, cake shops, fruit shops, KTV etc. . Resembles Hong Kong’s Shatin (Taipei ?) or even Singapore.

·         Maybe in 10 years, hopefully many part of China will be like Xiamen

·         Stayed one night only, and thus observation is limited

·         Airport is rather close to city



·         Drive from Xiamen along expressway is about 2 hours.

·         Inland city, west of Xiamen, in a hilly region. This city is rather huge, like most cities in China

·         The best hotel here is almost 4 stars standard. Hotel serves good Brazilian coffee at 18 RMB a cup

·         There is a train station here. Train to Guangzhou arrives around 10 PM.

·         Longyan is a city that oversees 5 counties, and Yongding happens to be one of them



·         Stayed in Popoko hotel (步步高) . Its a 3 star hotel. Original rooms were old and stuffy. Upgraded to newer rooms at 4 th floor, with double beds and paid about 250 RMB a night

·         The best shopping experince should be the huge underground plaza at the entrance to Gongbei immigration checkpoint (拱北口岸.

·         Jita (吉大is also another good location for shopping. There are a few large shopping centres around there, including a duty free complex

·         Tried Dongbei (or Manchu) food in a restaurant in Jita. Nice atmosphere, with stafss entertaining diners with folks songs and dances. Food was rather spicy, with lots of wild herbs



·         Airport bus cost 20 RMB. It can be taken from the Shenzhen Airline building, which is quite close to my usual hotel, XiangXieLiGong Jiudian.

·         Discovered another fine restaurant in Futian, called La Superieur (凯逸 Kai3Yi4), which is quite close to ShangBao Lu. Nice setting and really good Cantonese food






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