Guiyang travelogue

Guizhou is the last of the five provinces in China that I am visiting during this trip. It has been described as one of the poorest province, with much of it mountainous and hilly, amd majority of the people from the minority groups. Right now, I’m in Jinjiang Xianhua Hotel, in the provincial capital  Guiyang. The weather is gloomy and rainy most of the time when I am here.
The main tourist attraction is the Huang Guo Shu waterfall, which is about 2 hours drive to the West. It is an interesting experience to walk infront and then to the back of the waterfall. This waterfall has been described as the ‘curtain’ waterfall that Sun Wukong entered in the story from the Journey to the West. The last 10 km of the journey  into the waterfall area, is a place of great beauty – there is lush green terrace of paddy field, clear stream, hillside trees and rolling hills
The people over here like spicy food. It is quite obvious that Guizhou is not as prosperous as provinces like Guangzhou, Fujian or Zhejiang. There are still many drab small towns, run-down shops,communist era  factories and  old vehicles that clog narrow roads. But the newer built expressways that have reently been completed are impressive and marvelous. I am sure the expressways will facuilitate more positive development  into these ‘backward’ areas of China.
It has been a pleasant stay here. Will be flying back to Shenzhen in a few hours time.
Downtown Guiyang
New expressway
Side view of waterfall

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