Longyang and Yongding travelogue

Thursday:  23 April
Longyan (龙岩) is a rather large city.  Yongding (永定)happens to be a town under Longyan city administration and is about an hour drive away. There has been a lot of development in this part of Fujian that borders wuth Guangdong province. It seems that people here are rather well off by China standard, and the road network is suprisingly good.
The small towns and villages in and around Yongding are mainly inhabited by the Hakka people, with the Hakka Tulou (earthern house) still standing and inhabited in many of these places. We visited a Tulou village in Yongding that is the main tourist attraction of this area. The countryside is certaintly beautiful, being surrounded by lush green vegetation, splendid hills and creeks. This area is  hilly and thus not that much rice is grown here. The main crop seems to be tobacco.
We were treated to  Hakka dishes for lunch, with our host and host’s friends.
Next, we went to a village that is very close Guangdong province, called Xia Yang (下洋). This is the ancestral village of the famous  Haw brothers, i.e. Haw Boon Par and Haw Boon Pau (胡文虎 , 胡文豹), who made enormous contributions to China during war aagainst Japan and establishing hundred of schools across China in the 1930s to 1950s. The little village is still there, and we had opportunity to see how these people lead their lives. The little town of Xia Yang also happens to be the a famous place where buffalos are slaughtered. We were treated to early dinner of food from freshly slaughtered buffalo, which includes the hoof, stomach, soft tissue of the bone (marrow ?) etc.
Later, we took a night train to Guanzhou from Longyan station.  
Interior view of a Hakka Tulou

Tulou Village


Small round Tulou


Countryside view along the road

This large round Tulou is popular with tourists

All the Tulou villages have such creek



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