Xiamen and Longyan travelogue

One of the main tourist attraction in Xiamen is Gulangyu. It is a little island that is 5 minutes ferry ride away from Xiamen island.

There is nothing of special interest for me in that island. It is the former magnificent homes of a number overseas Chinese and foreign missions. Anyway, we toured the aquarium, wax museum and travel around the island on motorised cart. The aquarium is interesting enough and worth a visit, though it has a worn out look. This island does remind me somewhat of the Sentosa Island of Singapore. The return trip was more interesting as we took an outboard motorboard ride back to main island.

We had Hunan food (湘菜) for lunch at the "The east is red" restaurant. There is just too much delicious hot food …

Later visited the Huli fort which display a number of cannons, and the Nan Pu Tuo temple. These are not particularly interesting to me too.

Next, we left Xiamen for a city somewhere in the mountainous western part of Fujian. It took 2 hours to reach Longyan by car. It is the fourth largest city in Fujian, with coal mining as it’s main industry. This city will be our base for travel to the Kejia Tulou (Hakka’s roundhouse). Like all city in China, this place is huge and is growing. There are about 100 new cars being added to the street every day.

We put up in a hotel with 4 start standard. Had dinner at a Western restaurant here – they serve really good steak dinner at the Houcaller Beefsteak restuarant. 

Nan Putuo temple
Xiamen view near Luling Road
View of Xiamen from Gulangyu
View of Gulangyu island

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