Xiamen – day 1

Took a 45 minute taxi trip to Hangzhou airport from our hotel. The cost is 100 yuan. Flight arrangement at Hangzhou airport is efficient and easy – we just displayed our passport for boarding pass. Flight was about an hour long, and arrived in Xiamen  around 1 PM. The airport is quite close to the city. We have friend picking us upon arrival. Stayed in a two bedroom apartment, somewhere along LuLing  Road, which is a very convenient location in the city. The weather is nice, with temperature around 22 to 24 degrees. 
It seems that this part of Xiamen is  lively and very livable, with lots of nice eateries, cake shops, KTVs, real estate offices etc, and rather few street vendors and migrant workers. It actually reminds me of Hong Kong, given that people live in high rise apartment. The shops also resemble those in Hong Kong, as they are generally neater than those in other part of mainland.
Had a sumptuous seafood dinner with our host in a small restaurant. The host would not allow us to pay for it, and I really felt very guilty about it.  Observed that the younger people here converse in Putonghua, rather than the local dialects.
 Night view from apartment balcony

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