Anhui – Huizhou

It has been raining non stop since yesterday.  The rain will last until today, according to weather forecast.
Hired a car with driver, who brought us to  Huizhou area . It has well preserved traditional  Anhui villages that preserves the elegant  Hui (徽)architectural style buildings. Visited one of the villages iwth entrance fee of RMB 65. Also visited an archway celebrating the Bao family, together with the exquisite garden built by the Bao family.
The best part was that it cost us RMB 200 for hiring the car and driver. The rain affected us, as we could not travel to many parts. But the major dissapointment was to be charged for RMB 413 for a lunch for five. Should have asked for the price of the fish and other food first before agreeing to order. It’s ridiculous that a medium sized local fish (top of the range though)  cost RMB 120. Mistake is mainly mind, as I should have clearly asked for price first. Not sure why I did not ask for price first (normally I would). I was observing a local tourist  ordering the dishes, and decided it would probably be safe and ‘less expensive’ to order almost the same type of dishes. It turned out he had to pay over RMB 600 for the expensive lunch.
I have no complaint at all against the driver (his servive is very good) , except for the restaurant that he introduced us for the lunch. His RMB 200 fee, for driving, acting as guide and waiting for us in his new Hyundai Sonota, is just really cheap from my point of view. I wonder how much he will earn. He would probably earn some commisions from the entrance tickets etc. Will hire him again, if I;m in Huangshan. His surname is Hu, and he lives in Tangkou. His mobile  is 13955961336.
Yesterday evening, we had dinner at the same restaurant in Laojie. For a complete meal including beer and drink, we paid less than RMB 100.  Apparently the owner is from Hangzhou, and that explains the good service, nice decor and Hangzhou style cuisne found there.
Today, we will be taking a bus to Hangzhou in the morning. Infact the bus should turn up in half an hour time ….
Traditional Hu style courtyard
Outside scene from a traditional villge
Ancestral building
Exquisite bonsai trees
Another nice view of the Hui style village
Window that open up like a painting …

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