Yesterday, after a nearly five hours flight from KL, arrived in Hangzhou,  China. Took a limousine service to the West bus station, to get a connecting bus trip to Tunxi (屯溪) in Anwei provice. The drive took us to somewhere near the West lake and to the Long Jing area (famous for the green tea), before we arrived at the bus station.
The bus trip was about 3 hours. Arrived in hotel at around 630 pm, and we immediately booked for a 1 day Huangshan tour. Tunxi is about 1 hour drive from the foot of Huangshan moutain.
This morning we started at around 6 AM. Had hotel breakfast at 545 AM. Then a crowded small bus took us to Tangkou, which is just at foot of Huangshan. The crowd was really huge, and there was long wait for another bus that take us to cable car station. Paid 80 RMB for a one way cable car trip. The view was good, but we just could hardly enjoy it. The huge crowd was just too much. There was long line of people everywhere. To make matter worse, the porters were having busy day carrying the goods up. The climb was frustrating – it was at crawling pace, with much waiting, queing and jostling among the huge crowds. Had chosen a rally bad day to visit Huangshan, even though the weather is wonderful today.
Decided to cut short the mountain climb and make it a half day tour. Even then, had to queue for 1 hour for the cable car. It was no point joining a tour goup in Huangshan. Took a car service from a rather nice driver, and return to Tunxi.
In the evening, visited the old street , Laojie. Nice place for shopping. But it is the excellent restaurant  that made my day. It is called Mei Shi Ren Jia (美食人家). It is the best restaurant there, and it’s one I will certaintly recommend to anyone going there. It serves mainly Hui dishes. The food , service, decor and atmosphere is really  very good.
Night view of Tunxi from hotel room
Crowds at a peak
Lian Hua peak of Huangshan
Large crowd winding along a peak
Stream of climbers in Huangshan
Stopover for photos
Not easy to climb such vertical face, but crowds are undaunted

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