Reading Chinese exercise

While surfing an online forum, came across an article in Chinese on Dalai Lama. It seems Dalai is taking up Indian nationality, or so it seems, when he mentioned about being son of India and happy to be given Indian nationality, in front of  Indian audience in a New Delhi’s conference recently. 


Only the first part of the short article is translated (just too lazy or rather time consuming to translate everything) :  


达赖将入印度 何必再与其多费口舌


(ji2 = registration ;       fei4 kou4 she2 = argue needlessly )

Dalai will have Indian nationality, needless to say




(xian4 = offer ;  yin qin2 = politely)

A few days ago the Dalai Lama tried to toady the Indian government, at a lecture  in New Delhi “Peace Conference”  called himself “Son of India”, that his Indian life is very meaningful, and also expressed his happiness in accepting Indian nationality very soon.


出生于中国青海的达赖,可谓  颠三倒四数典忘祖,完全失去了作为一个中国人的资格彻底 暴露出其叛国背族的真面目


(ke3 wei4 = it could be said ;             dian san dao3 si4 = confused / disorderly

 Shu3 dian3 wang4 zu3 = forget one’s root ;                         zi ge2 = qualification

Che4 di3 = thoroughly ;                      bao4 lu4 = expose / reveal

Pan4 guo2 = treason ;                         zhen mian4 mu4 = true colors )


Born in China’s Qinghai, it can even be said he has forgotten his root, completely lost his conduct as a Chinese person, thoroughly revealing the true colour of his treasonous nature.




Since Dalai is a “Son of India”, what qualification and identity does he have to request for dialog with Chinese government? Dalai bragged about having “interest of the people of Xizang”, but is having Indian nationality, is the representative for the Xizang people an Indian?



The whole article:

达赖将入印度籍 何必再与其多费口舌
2009年04月09日 11:26:20  来源:新华网

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