Reading Chinese exercise

An interesting piece of short news that I picked from a forum concerning establishment of another communist party in Taiwan. What’s more interesting is that it’s been established by former President Chen SuiBian’s younger male cousin.



 (yu4 cu4 = hasten / promote)



要走社会主义  力促 两岸 统一

(li4 cu4 = urge)

To adopt socialism path, urges both sides to unify





(ji4 = following ; zheng4 shi4 = formal; zhong3 shu ji = general secretary )


Following last year formal establishment of “Taiwan Communist Pary” , “China People’s Communist Party” was also formally set up last week, becoming Taiwan’s number 147 political party, with Chen SuiBian cousin Chen TianFu as the party’s General Secretary.




(Tai2 mei2 = Taiwan media ; jie shou = accept ; huo4 = reap; xu3 ke3 = permit )


According to Taiwan media, Chen TianFu accepted to be interviewed and mentioned, “China People’s Communist Party” obtained the Taiwan Ministry of Interior permit to form political party, becoming Taiwan’s number 147 political party, party flag is the People’s Republic of China national flag.




(cu4 cheng2 = procure / facilitate )


Chen TianFu  expressed, he hoped to take action that facilitate both sides to unify.




(you2 ci3 = hereby )


He said, “China People’s Communist Party” will follow Socialism path, and also having been to Mainland for 8 years,  hereby would like to let Taiwan people understand more about the communist party.



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