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In Malaysia, the political landscape has changed considerably ever since the last election held in 2008 March. There is a sort of Perestroika happening there. Everyone want to have a say in the political process. Election affairs are becoming very interesting and colourful. Nowadays, it seems that every politician in Malaysia has his or her own blog to carryout the political message. People are politically freer than previously, but I don’t really like what I see happening there. Drastic political change whill bring chaos and more turbulence in days ahead.


One of the articles I read has a Chinese version. The first two paragraphs are as follow: 



上周末,我出席3饭局,座上的谈话无不围绕在刚公布的第二   刺激经济配套


Underlined words (in order of appearance):

Chu xi2 = attend ;       fan4 ju2 = banquet ;    wei2 rao4 = revolve around ;

Gong bu4 = publicised ;          ci4 ji = stimulate ;        xiang4 = item ;

Pei4 tao2 = complete set (package)




一般而言,政府有意识采取 高效 行动 遏止我国经济在今年上半年衰退动作,让人民了一口气。


 Underlined words (in order of appearance):

Yi ban er2 yan2 = generally speaking ;           you yi4 shi1 = conscious ;

Cai3 qu3 = carry out ;             gao xiao4 = highly effective;

Xing2 dong4 = action;            e4 zhi3 = to resist ;      shuai tui4 = decline;

Dong zuo4 = movement ;       song = relax





最让我们感欣慰的,是领导层并没有否认这个事实。事实上,政府采取遏止经济放缓 措施,是好的迹象


Underlined words (in order of appearance):

Xin wei4 = gratified ;       ling dao3 ceng2 = leadership ;         fou3 ren4 = deny;

shi4 shi2 = fact;           fang4 huan3 = slow down ;  

cuo4 shi =  step taken (measures) ;     ji xiang4 = indication / sign



Underlined words (in order of appearance):

然而,人民普遍上还是非常关注 赤字 预算 ,因为在某种程度上这会影响马币外币的价值


Er2 ran2 = but;            pu3 bian4 = widespread;         guan zhu4 = pay attention;

Chi4 zi4 = deficit ;      yu4 suan4 = budget ;  an = case / record

Zai4 mou3 zhong3 cheng2 du4 shang4 = to a certain extend ;

Dui = to cash ;             jia4 zhi2 = value / worth


English version of the 2 paragraphs:


Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend 3 night functions and the topic for chit-chat at the dining table was on the 2nd stimulus package.

Generally, people are relieved that the government is aware of the need to take drastic action to prevent recession, which may arrive in the first half of this year. It is comforting to find out that the leadership is not in denial. It is a good sign that the government is taking steps in confronting the economic slowdown. However, the rakyat are generally concerned about the budget deficit and this may in a way destabilizes the Ringgit currency against foreign currency.



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