Reading Chinese news article

I have been learning Chinese for a few years. But I still have great difficulties reading news article, even with aid of on-line dictionary.
Following is an excerpt from the People’s Daily  (note the use of idioms ) ….
今年的3月10日是个不寻常的日子。(xun2 chang2 = unusual)
This year’s 10 of March is an unusual day. 
半世纪前的这一天,达赖领导下的原西藏地方政府噶厦发动了武装叛乱,…  (wu3 zhuang pan4 luan4 = armed rebellion)
Half a century ago on this day, the Dalai Lama which lead the former Tibet government started an armed rebellion, …     
…大举进攻驻藏解放军与中央政府的工作人员,…    (da4 ju3 jin4 gong = large scale armed  attack)
carrying out large scale armed attack against the PLA stationed in Tibet and central government staffs, ..
… 迫使解放军还击平息叛乱。达赖逃亡印度,在途中宣布“西藏独立”。  (po4 shi3 = force/compell ; huan2 ji = hit back ; ping2 xi = supress)
forcing the PLA to hit back, supressing the rebellion. Dalai ran away to India, enroute declaring "Independant Tibet". 
It is a pity that when he fled to India for first time and met India’s Premier Nehru, he was informed that : Indian government dooes not recognise independant Tibet.
(dian dao3 hei bai2 = invert right from wrong ; huang3 yan = lies )
From then on, at every 10 of March, Dalai make speeches while in exile. This year is no different. This speech is the same as his previous one, brimming with lies that try to invert right from wrong, like to a thief calling someone else a thief trick.
指鹿为马谬论,居心险恶的要求,本不值一驳。    (zhi3 lu4 wei2 ma3 = deliberate misrepresentation ; miu4 lun4 = fallacy ; ju xin xian3 e4 = intentional malice)
Deliberate misrepresentation to create fallacies, intentional malicious demands, are just not worth refuting. 

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