Recollection of February trip

Jotting a few pointers from this trip before my memory becomes hazy,:
  • Food in the airport is expensive and limited in variety
  • Taxi ride from city to airport will cost about Hk$60
  • Taxi ride from airport to Gongbei custom checkpoint (Hai Guan) will cost HK$75
  • Certain ferries from Shenzhen board at the city terminal, instead of the main ferry terminal
  • It’s not easy to get a cab during rush hours from 5 PM onwards, when one is in the city centre


  • The Chang An hotel in Lian Hua lu offers good value for money at RMB 220 a night. It’s really convenient and staffs are friendly
  • There is regular express bus service to Shenzhen at around 15 minutes interval
  • Bus fare from Zhuhai to Shenzhen is about RMB 90 and it takes about 2 hours. Bus will stop in Futian and Luohu stations


  • The usual hotel (Xiang XieLiGong) still provides good service. Rate is about  RMB 300
  • The hourly rate is RMB 60. 
  • There is a travel shop selling discount air tickets  and a foot massage centre there (RMB 50 for 45 minute session)
  • Hangzhou food or at least the restaurant (Hangzhou chun tian) is really good
  • The Shenzhen West train station is in or close to Shekou actually. Cab cost to Futian is about RMB 70.
  • Observed a newly opened hotel in ShangBao Lu offering RMB 100 for a day (i.e. anytime before 630 PM) – see photo



  • Bus fare from hotel to city is about RMB 17
  • Some cab drivers may not want to use the meter
  • The Provincial museum does not sell ticket. Rather one must queue for free ticket in the morning,
  • To go to Shao Shan, one has to first go to the South Bus Station (Qi Che nan Zhan)
  • The train station is huge and chaotic. To buy ticket, one has to approach a building on the right side, which is not part of the main building.
  • When buying ticket from main station, be prepared to queue for 1 hour. Otherwise buy from authorised agent
  • The main pedestrian shopping area can be very crowded – see photo below
  • There are many KTV and jiubas in the Jiefang West Road
  • The HanTing hotel is rated 2 stars, but is clean and staffs are friendly. Offers good value for money at around RMB 180 a night – see photo

Interior of HanTing hotel

Crowded pedestrian shopping area  



  • Entrance to park is expensive at RMB 245
  • Additional cable car ride fees at RMB 52 per trip
  • Having guide is recommended. Fee is between RMB 50 to 100.
  • It might have been better to get a package tour from any tour agencies there, as they can offer discount to entrance fees and rides
  • Public bus trip from ZJJ bus station to WuLingYuan is RMB 12
  • From WuLingYuan town centre , one can take 15 minute walk to park entrance or take bus,taxi or motorcycle ride
  • One can stay in WuLingYuan, instead of ZhangJiaJie. There are also many hotels there
  • The HuaTian hotel is really good. But the foot massage is rather expensive at about RMB 108 for an hour

Feng Huang

  • There are many home accomadation available there
  • Internet access is a problem in the old city section
  • Eating out is easy, and the small eateries will cook anything – fried rice, noodles etc
  • The JiuBas and tea house are rather expensive though
  • Bus journey from ZJJ is 4 hours and cost about RMB 62



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