More Feng Huang photos

Arrived home yesterday.
It was a good journey overall, and will write my recollectionof this trip later.
Feng Huang is certaintly one of the most memorable sights. It is river town, located in the mountainous Western Hunan or Xi Xiang (西湘) region. The combination of water features and the traditional architectures is what make it very attractive. The Miao people inhabit this town, and this is reflected in their arts, culture, attire and food.
These people there must have been very poor previously, surviving on hillside crop planting and hunting. Most of the river houses have been reconstructed. One can still see the originals, but these are usually dilipated and made almost entirely of timber. Walking through the cobbled narrow alleys, one could still see the residents doing their chores, children playing or old people playing cards.
Nowadays, travelling through the countryside, one can see signs of affluence brought in by tourism. Everyone in this town live off tourism nowadays, serving mainly the local tourists.  There was only one solitary Western traveller that I saw in the town.
 Main door to the couryard of my traveller lodge

Riverside view

Washing clothes is a comon activity


Another river view – many of these river houses have been converted to tea houses and ‘jiu ba’s


Crossing the river


Interesting architecture


Another nice riverside view



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