Zhang Jia Jie – Day 2

Started early for a 45 minutes bus ride to park entrance at WuLingYuan. Could’nt find yesterday’s guide, and had to settle for another one.
There is a lot of walking and travelling on the park’s shuttle buses today.
Follow a different route from yesterday. This time, went to the YuanJiaJie. Had to pay additional  fee for YuanJiaJie entrance, the lift rides and entrance Tujia minority cultural park. Not too happy with this guide, with all these additional fees.
Anyway, there views are even more better than yesterday. The elevator ride is spectacular, it went all the way up to one of these hills. It must have been about 500m.
At the end of the day, I have enough of these craggy mountains. Just too many of them. The guide urged me to take another mountain tour in the vicinity tomorrow. But I am rather reluctant.
My overall impression of Zhang Jia Jie: Interesting place of visit, with very nice scenary. However, there is need for other activities for tourists other than merely enjoying the mountain sights. Probably, the place is better during the summer or wetter months, when the lakes and rivers are full of water. Then one could take the boat rides and enjoy watching the waters too. 
ZhangJiaJie was opened for tourists rather recently, i.e. during the 80’s. Before, the place was not accesible for most people other than the minority Tujia people. Today, it is one of China’s eminant tourist spots. The people in this mountainous area were very poor prior to the tourism development. One could hardly grow any crops here given the mountainous land and general remoteness of the area. Today, these people are enjoying better lives. However, I believe there are still many such places in China which have not been developed yet, and still remain very poor. With passing of time, all these places will surel;y be developed. Hopefully, human and nature can coexist harmoniously. An incidence on the return bus trip made me realised there is a long and winding row ahead. A girl seating 2 seats ahead just tossed a styrofoam packet of food out of the bus window nonchalantly. It seemed outrageous to me, but nobody bothered about it.
While Wulingyuan town is a charming little town, Zhangjiajie city itself is another matter. It’s chaotic and not a pretty sight.
Splendid view
Yuan Jia Jie view
Natural bridge that is called First Bridge of the World
Walking in the park
Walking in the park
Zhang Jia Jie City – typical chaotic scene

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