Zhang Jia Jie – Day 1

Arrived in hotel from train station for 5 AM check in after an overnight train trip from Changsha. Hua Tian hotel is a very good hotel. It has 5 star status, and normal rate is about RMB 1000 a night.
As usual, be really wary of strangers in China. The taxi driver adviced me to change to another hotel which he thinks is cheaper, as he though my luxurious hotel would really cost a lot. Had to be firm with him, and stick to my plan. He gave up persuading me. Taxi trip cost RMB20 for a 7 km trip, which I think is quite reasonable given the distance and the fact that he waited at around in the early hours of the morning.
Had 3 hours sleep and woke up around 9 AM. Hotel staffs were helpful in getting train ticket back to Shenzhen. Later took a bus to WuLingYuan from the bus station which is about 250m away from hotel. It cost RMB 12 for the 45 minute trip.
Met a tourist guide at park entrance. Told me he would charge RMB 50 a day. Took his service. He seems honest and enthusiastic in showing me all the scenic points. He bacame sort of friend, and I find him useful. The place is not that crowded, and many are South Koreans. Paid $245 for park entrance fee (valid for 2 days), which also include bus ride within the parks. However, it does not include cable car ride, which cost RMB52 per trip.The park is beautiful and very well maintained. However, it is a rather dry period, and thus the streams are almost running dry. The craggy hills are truly unique and all of them have been given various names by the Chinese.
WuLingYuan township is quite big, and seems really clean and well maintained. ZhangJiajie city, on the other hand seems poorly maintained and chaotic. Should have stayed in WuLingYuan.
Walking along for of the mountains

Cable car rides to TianZi Mountain

View from West Sea point

Another view from West Sea



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