Changsha – day 2

Day 2 in Changsha was spend mainly on Shaoshan ( 韶山 ), which is the birth place of Chairman Mao.
Took a cab to the Southern Bus Station, and then proceed to take a bus to Shaoshan, which is about 2 hour of travelling.
It was quite dissapointing to see the way Mao’s hometown was managed. The old memorial park was just uninteresting, except for photos of Mao, his parents and early years. There are many tourist sports, but much of them are rather insignificant and not well maintained. It seems that the whole place is being ran by rural folks with little idea of how to maintain the place.  I thought the place would be much more solemn. Instead there is crass commercialism, where touts are allowed to run riot over tourists.  
The high point is Mao’s family home, where he was born. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos within the house. Suprisingly, the home was shared with another neighbour.
Later went to buy train ticket for journey Zhangjiajie. The queue at the Changsha train station was long, and had to wait for about an hour before I can get the ticket.
That night, took the night 11PM train to Zhangjiajie. Fortunately, the train journey was very pleasant. Had time to catch small sleep in the sleeping birth of the fast train.
Goodbye Changsha. Had enough of it. Just too many people and shops. Somehow I feel that it’s not the right China, as just too many trendy people with money (?), out shopping and enjoying themselves in fine restaurant and entertainment centres. Outside of the main city centre, it is still pretty run down, and people are still struggling with living.
Changsha – eating skewered mutton and assorted street foods
Changsha – night scene
Shaoshan – Mao memorial hall
Mao’s old home 
Mao’s old home

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