Reporting from Shenzhen

In Shenzhen right now, staying at the usual hotel (Xiang Xie Li Gong  or Channel Palace ) in Futian.
Arrived in Macau on flight from Sydney on 17 February. It was a pleasant flight, with the plane arriving half an hour earlier. Checkpoint at Macau-Zhuhai crossing was not that busy.
Earlier today, took an express bus from Zhuhai to SZ. Managed to change Aussie dollars to Renminbi at the Metro station in Luohu.
Tonight I had a good meal at the West Lake Spring restaurant (Xi Hu Chun Tian), which serves excellent Hangzhou cuisine, complemented by fine Long Jing tea and Chinese wine (huang jiu).
Tomorrow morning, will be taking a flight to Changsha, capital of Hunan province.
Plane flight over the Philipines
Just an hour before reaching Macau
A sublimal view from the airplane

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