Democracy debate

I like this little online discussion on democracy. Is democracy the best form of government, and the only legitimate one as claimed Western world view?  I think that there is a need to examine it more critically.


Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried – by Sir. Windon Churchill

How much truth is it in this statement? In recent years I have heard more people in the world that use this statement, as a defense for democracy with little knowledge about history; domestic and foreign, ancient and modern.



Guess Churchill wasn’t much of a history student. There have been many political system tried, maybe not in the western world, but surely in ancient China. Confucius’s teaching were largely based on ancient (more antiqudated than himself) political ideals.

With democracy, one always end up with demagogery, cynicism, and chaos over time; no escaping. It’s in the nature of such a system. And selfishness of human beings, including leaders and underlings, would always result in policies less optimal to the society as a whole. It is inevitable.



Democracy just means that business makes all the decisions and government executes them; the rest is window dressing.



AB confuses business with democracy. Just as some confuse capitalism with democracy. The only true democracy comes about through socialism.




Jim got something right.

Capitalism goes with Meritocracy. (China)
Socislism goes with democracy. (North Europe)
US is a plutocracy in disguise.


Agreed! But even then, it would be the smooth talkers, rather than the astute (read: brilliant) thinkers, that rise to the top of the leadership ranks. It’s inherent in the system.

Mao Zedong did not rise to the party leadership until the Party was in survival mode in the midst of the Long March. The experiences of Scandinavia and Canada over the past half century, and to some extend Cuba and Venezuela, are testaments to my point.

Confucius said "Smooth talking and pretty faces are seldom equated with benevolent governances". The man may be dead for 25 centuries, but his wisdom transcents time and social evolutions.



In a democracy, lawyers, salesmen, actors do all the smooth talking and get elected and screw things up.

In a Meritocracy, engineers get things done.

PS. Just watch Prez Hu babysetting Obama over next few years.


Quark, let’s watch things play out before any braggings.

Personally, I just pray for non-conflictual cooperation.



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