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Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat are the buzz words in current Malaysian politics. Many Malaysian living overseas get their dose of news from the Malaysiakini website. The site is very much anti government and Pro Anwar.  16 September is the date in which Anwar will topple the incumbent BN government. But nothing of the sort promised by Anwar happened. His credibility seems to be at stake. Some of his detractors even call  great snake oil salesman.


I visited a blog site (KTMOC) and view the exchanges between Anwar supporters and those opposing him . I must say that one should have an open mind, and not be easily influenced by the media, whether it’s the mainstream or the web media. The discussions below give interesting perspectives of the  opposing side.  For those who want to view the pro Anwar viewpoint, there are just too many websites and blogs to mention.



For me it is simple-we need a government that governs. The reasons why I am throwing my anti-katak(katak = frog) principles down the toilet (along with the rest of my credibility) is because:


*this country is on auto-pilot and I am not convinced UMNO will get its act together to govern effectively anytime soon. Thus, we need an effective government, which Badawi/Najib seem incapable of delivering.


*I would still oppose the kataks if it wasn’t for the fact that PR have promised that they will have elections within 12 months of coming to power. As long as they are also governing in that time, that is good enough for me. What worries me is so far is it is just words-I fail to see why all these BN people would jump only to have to face the voters soon after. I’m taking a leap of faith (eyes wide shut).


*The ISA thingy: too me, that is just the final straw-Badawi keeps saying trust me, I’m different, I’ll reform the country-well, when is he actually going to start? None of the others in UMNO will touch such a reform agenda bar perhaps Tengku Razaleigh but he’s now backed by Mahathir (the only person I despise more than Anwar).


So I don’t care if 9-16 comes and goes-face it, Anwar was already making excuses days ago. I don’t care anymore if it is unethical and undemocractic. Its not like teh last election was exactly free and fair, was it now? I only care that we have a government that can 1. govern (which is not happening now), 2. a govt that will have a reform agenda and 3. one that promises fresh elections very soon. PR ticks 2 & 3, while BN ticks none of the above at present.


It is no longer a quandry for me-it is clear as day. I’m putting all my eggs in the ‘change of govt by kataks’ basket, and I don’t care how unethical that is. Suffice to say that it is no less unethical than letting racial sentiments loose and arresting without trial journalists and MPs who have done no wrong.




*this country is on auto-pilot


SO IS Penang . Our CM Lim Guan Eng doesn’t seem to be in Penang . He is still in election mode . You can guess where he is ! moving around with the Great Snake Oil Salesman .


How not to be in auto-pilot when the Great Snake Oil Salesman is busily enticing salesman from the other company and sabotaging the other company dealing in Mongoose Oil !




This is Anwar’s best shot at the press conference today: Demands that MPs are not stopped from defecting; the Internal Security Act not be used to detain defecting or PR MPs; a state of emergency should not be declared; and no roadblocks be set up to stop MPs from going to Parliament,




After the four demands announcement, Bursa (stock market ) turn for better, wakakaka…..wakakaka….wakakaka…..




Penang may well be on auto-pilot, but to be frank, so what? It is not Penang but Putrajaya where the power base is-it is in Putrajaya where effective governance is needed right now. If Putrajya is effective, believe me, Penang will not be on autopilot.


Sure, Lim Guan Eng should be governing Penang, but when he chooses to wear multiple hats, he needs to divide his attention. He should be told where his primary responsibility lies at the moment, and that is with governing Penang.


But I’m not from Penang, and I’m not in Penang, so it is not my central concern. My central concern is that the govts of Sabah and M’sia are operational-the federal govt has seriously malfunctioned since March 2008, and the Sabah govt has in effect been in the same quandry seeing it has been taking orders from Putrajaya since 1994 when ironically, one Anwar Ibrahim, launched a coup d’etat.


For my intersts, the federal goverment needs to be jumpstarted. It is the heart and blood of the federal system we have. Penang is an artery.




You are wrong my friend , Penang is an organ of the body system . It can function on its own with or without Federal help . It has its own system of governace . However the brain is partially missing , Its just just a man who has two wives . He cannot differentiate between the first wife and the mistress in putrajaya . How can he be effective as a CEO when he ia always missing in action ? due to wearing multiple hats ?




I spend much of my time in Penang due to work and quite familiar with the situation. In this I have to concur with chaptokam. If you think Federal govt is on auto-pilot then Penang’s is flying with all of its engines dead.


LGE is driving Penang down the drain by keeping the investors away by his populist and anti-business policies. Despite his so-called CAT principles, his administration is riddled with cronyism and favouritism.


Talking about the paralysis of BN govt, if you notice this is so much more pronounced after March 8. I had warned before GE to many of my friends who wanted to punish BN or deprive the 2/3 majority that this would result in a political paralysis that would plunge the nation into another Indonesia, India or Pakistan. The result of GE made Badawi lose his hold on UMNO and made his position shaky. To make matters worse, Anwar’s attempt to form a Katakcracy and his attempts to destabilise the govt through his cronies made BN to focus more on defending their position than governing the nation.


So we all responsible for the problems we have. It is not just BN govt but any govt any part of the world would be equally weak in such political equation.


Solely blaming Badawi is unfair. Granted his leadership is weak but remember his willingness to allow more democratic space and human rights is the reason for the unprecendented success of PR in the last GE.


However the solution is not simple either. Allowing Anwar into power will not solve the problem but would make it worse. It would usher in an era that would make Malaysians look backward to the current situation with envy. Anwar will have to contend with numerous forces against his rule, BN as well as his own party as well as PR partners like PAS and DAP. If you think Badawi’s weak, Anwar would look mentally and physically handicapped by comparison.




I have no illusions about Anwar and his cronies, none whatsoever. Neither will I dispute the words about Penang from people living there. But still, it is the federal govt that needs to get its house in order first. Of course Anwar has contributed to the instability-that’s obvious. But the govt has fallen away, and continues to fall away. If Penang collapses due to bad (or indeed non) governance that is not as bad an outcome as the federal government collapsing in a heap.


I want to see a stable govt-if it is not going to be the current govt, then perhaps Badawi should call for fresh elections-beat Anwar one more time and shut him up once and for all.





I do not see a government that will govern in Barisan Nasional anymore. It’s system, especially the system of UMNO, is rotten to the core. For them to reform, they need to basically kill themselves and be born again in a new way. Otherwise, we’ll get the same old same.


Even in the past, when we may claim that BN actually governed, a massive political patronage system was an undeniable part of its governance. While the motorboat sped ahead a little bit in the past (the 1990s boom was not 100% a result of fantastic Malaysian governance but was due in fair part to general global boom, most significantly in the US), and so yes, while the motorboat sped nicely along, the political patronage/corruption part was chipping away at the hull. It was only to be a matter of time before things collapsed, and here we are, at that very point.


So when you say you want a government that will govern, what government are you talking about? A Tengku Razaleigh/Muhyiddin government, with Mahathir Mohammad sitting behind the curtains like a Senior Minister Sith Lord? No thank you.


Honestly, to govern, we need a new government from Pakatan Rakyat.


They may NOT be SEEN to be governing now because the bloody Federal government which has a lot of power is throwing spanners in their work!


You will see governance once Pakatan is in the Federal government.


Essentially, Pakatan should be more transparent than Barisan and therefore the people’s voice will not really go in vain. Right now, under Barisan, we can shout till our throats rip, but do they listen?



You are wrong in your analysis, completely off track, way off track.


If the success of the Malaysian economy was due to global boom then how come our neighbours (all except Singapore and brunei) didn’t get prosperous as us ? if not for the policies of the government, we would have remained as "rich" as Indonesia.


As for the political patronage system, yes this is something that I concede. But do recall the root of the " corporatitisation" of UMNO. It is none other than the Great Snake Oil Salesman himself. Not only he sodomised UMNO politically and financially, he also introduced money politics and initiated the corruption, Islamisation and politicisation of the civil service. He had this strong kinship with the Indons and embarked on the "indonesiasation" of the Bahasa Malaysia to the extent of calling it Bahasa Melayu.


He seized control of the awarding of contracts and use it as the political tool to gain support. He also competely abused the UMNO-owned companies and installed his cronies.


While this process of corruption and political patronage was present before his time, only after Anwar’s tenure these evil practices were widespread.


BN govt’s performance is easy to see in the past 51 years. If the performance is weak after March 8th, then the fault is also due to PR and the Malaysian votes.


How would we Malaysians trust a PR govt headed by a man obviously shows not a shread of ethics and has a track record that even Osama Bin Ladin would be ashamed of.


Look around the performance of PR state govts. Kelantan and Kedah are on the way to become Afghanistan. Penang is fast earning a reputation as the Indonesia of Malaysia with a CM who is more worried about enhancing his image and making idiotic statements than ruling the state. Perak is the Iraq of Malaysia where the MB is just a proxy controlled by DAP’s Ngeh. The state of Selangor defies description, since no one runs the state. MB is virtually a Sultan without the power with his own exco his biggest enemies. Most of his exco spend time digging dirt on the past admin while the state rots away.


If Anwar becomes the PM, then it would be the end of Malaysia. The country would be plunged into chaos and end up in a civil war.


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