Brainwashed oversea Chinese

This article is written in an Asiawind forum by someone called Modern Chinese. I may not agree with everything he says, but I am very smypathethic to his view.
Very often, people who have little knowledge of China become very opinionated about it. They have strong opinions but with little or no facts to back up the assertion like "The Chinese leaders are very corrupted" or "China is still very backward / dirty / controlled by evil government  ….". It is bad enough that ignorant Westerners are calling the Chinese government names, but we also have ignorant overseas Chinese doing the same. But which one is more disgusting, the ignorant white folks or the overseas Chinese?
Here’s what he wrote: 
Over the years of my traveling to many Western countries, I can never stop being surprised by a herd of a few brainwashed oversea Chinese – the left over Chinamen of the dead Manchu dynasty or the GuoMinDang diehard gangsters.

Their understanding of new China is frozen at the time their grandfathers/grandmothers left China, most of them with multiple nightmares. Now these few have been growing up in a Western society that breeds nothing but the backward and inferiority complex, not only of the Western nature, but also of the Western-reenfored “education” based on lies, predatory mentality, hypocrisy and barbaric genocide.

Listen to this Western Chinese servant: he takes swipe on Chinese people and China now and then, all the while “conveniently” forgetting that the same “sin and crime” that he accuse China of, have been committed by his Western masters on a massive scale, with a degree of massive and inhuman barbarity, thousand times more, million times more…

Stupidity? Who is more stupid than the US neo-cons that keeps imposing genocidal wars on the Muslims just to steal their oil, and get their butts grilled everywhere they go? Who is more stupid than the French, German, Spanish, British that try to scavenge some bones from Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but their hands and mouths burnt, their feet sunk in these quagmires with no end in sight? Who is more stupid than ALL those Western governments that destroy their economy by spending more and more on these un-winnable wars and end up fighting terrorism on their own lands? Who is more stupid than a few of Singaporean “elites” that “pride” themselves to be “the Jews of the East” while in fact they are looked down intensely by all the neighbors AND are not considered anywhere close to the rank of “chosen people” by the Jews themselves?

Stupidity? Look at any mirror and you WILL see a living artifact of the patent “Western version” of REAL stupidity!

Corruption? You don’t even find a better word for the massive corruption in the Western societies. Have you heard of Enron? MCI ? Wolfowitz? Blackwater? Italian corruption? French frigates sale to Taiwan? German corruption? Japanese companies corruption in Vietnam?…Have heard of hundred of billions of US dollars – big Bs – going through the private accounts of the Western CEO and politicians? Where are the tens of billions missing in Iraq? You never heard of before? No surprise there.

We could sense your nervousness when your Western masters are scared to wet their pants at night every time they think about China rising in all areas through all the globe.

China can co-exist and work with anybody who desires a mutually beneficial relationship with her, but China is NOT gullible as some of the muddle-headed oversea Chinamen that always take their Western master “ways of life” as the “universal standards” to deal with the world.

China can trade with ALL Western countries on the equal basis, but only the Western governments are STUPID enough to think that China will take all their constant attacks and sabotages with her face down, as those Chinamen they treat in the West.

Right now, Russia works with China as a comprehensive strategic partner to ensure peace, security in Eurasia landmass and cooperates with China on many areas. As long as their long term security and prosperity co-depends on China security and prosperity, we could work with them.

Russia is China’s neighbor for ever. The Western countries are NOT. They come when they think they can exploit China, and they disappear at a wink of their eyes when they could not.

You can indulge in your money pocket EXCLUSIVELY, that is your Chinaman instinct. But our Modern Chinese think about our country first and make sure to balance our personal interests and the country long term interests.

This mentality separates us from your type, and we make sure that your type of Chinaman can NEVER set foot on our Chinese sacred soil. EVER!


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