Little girls – Case of blatant self-righteouness among Western media.

By now, most people who have known me, are aware that I have little regards or respect for Western mainstream media.


The Olympics opening ceremony was brilliant, and the best one todate . But in the following few days, the Western media as usual will resort to underhand tactics to blemish it. Not to dissapoint, the Western media had a field day in putting down China in the case of the Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi.


Miaoke was he little girl that everyone saw during the Olympics opening ceremony, whereas Peiyi was the voice that everyone heard. The insinuation from the Western meida is that Peiyi was not allowed to appear because she has chubby face and uneven/bucked teeth. The Western media even went on blatantly describe that ‘Peiyi’ as being ‘ugly’ and Meike can’t sing, and put the blame on Chinese for not allowing an ‘ugly’ child to perform in the public. But did’nt they realise that they are resorting to irresponsible reporting in traumatising the children. For nowhere were the two children described as being ugly / can’t sing by the organiser.

These Western media don’t care about these two Chinese children, as long as the can use them to put down China.

This is what a VOA (and most of Western media) has to say:


Chen Qigang said the 9-year old girl Lin Miaoke was a stand-in on stage because the 7-year old real singer Yang Peiyi had a very fat face and crooked teeth, so her appearance was considered not good enough. 


The fact is that Chen did not utter such words. A translated interview that I picked from the ESWN blog site) is shown below:  


 Chen Qigang: The director requested first and foremost adorable kids, and we identified about 10 children accordingly. We then listened to the singing of those kids, and not all of them had good enough voice to perform. The request from the director was that, first the appearance must be good, and of those, the one with the best voice and ability to sing should be picked. We went through a few such candidates through the process and they helped our music creation effort tremendously.

The first kid was about 10 years old. She contributed the most towards the preparation stage of this part of the performance. All the early practice runs were based on her recorded singing. But the director felt she was not the best visual for the scene. She was considered somewhat older than envisioned, a bit adolescent that is. So regrettably she was dropped. We then focused on searching through younger kids. The age criteria was to find someone about 7 years old. A number of them were selected, including both Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi.

We went to the Central Broadcasting Radio Station to make recordings. It was felt afterward that Lin Miaoke’s voice wasn’t exactly suitable in terms of tone control, range and depth. In the end, we decided that Yang Peiyi should be the one to provide the voice. We thought it was in the national interest to put the one with the best appearance and expression on the stage. Lin Miaoke was a very good choice for this role. But in terms of the music, we all felt that Yang Peiyi had the flawless voice.

Interviewer: So the one appearing in front the camera was Lin Miaoke and the song came from Yang Peiyi?

Chen Qigang: That’s right. It was a last minute, tough decision. We went through multiple practices and reviews. We played Lin Miaoke’s recording during one joint practice. Many reviewers, particularly someone in the Political Bureau of the Central Committee [of the CCP], made comments that it must be changed. We had no choice.

Interviewer: This is the first time for us to hear this story.

Chen Qigang: We have a responsibility to explain this to the Chinese viewers. I think the viewers should be able to understand that, in the national interest, for the perception of the country, it was an extremely important and serious matter to present the flag [in the best possible manner]. We made a decision, which I think was fair to both Lin and Yang. We felt the coupling of a perfect voice with the best appearance produced the most optimal result. From Lin Miaoke’s point of view, she might not even have realized it. We had two recordings from both of them and they didn’t sound very different.

There is nothing in Chen word that says (quote from Roland of ESWN) "Yang as having "chubby/fat face" and "crooked/uneven/buck teeth" and Lin as having no singing talents.  Well, who needs Politburo members when we have western media showering such ‘tender loving care’ on Chinese children?"

I’d say spare us your hypocritical self-righteous. It is just a case of being sour grape and making yourself better at someone’s else expense


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