Back from Vietnam trip

Just returned from Vietnam trip. A little tired due to jet lag and lack of sleep. It was an enjoyable trip, with interesting events and good companians.
Can’t really say I experienced  bad moments while in Asia. Though the HCM traffic condition appeared choatic with motorcycles and cars running into each others ways, but amazingly there seems to be orders amongst the chaos. There are unwritten rules when one need to cross the streets, and rules for driving in the streets. Everyone seems to be riding a motorcycle. They rode rather slowly and expect everyone to do the same too. Thus there is no sudden outburst of speed, and neither was there any quick change of direction. As a result, everyone is able assess the relative distance and speed of vehicles out there, and thus keep away from knocking each other. When you are walking on a street and find yourself facing a stream of motorcycles, it is dangerous to run back quickly. Just stay put, and wait the opportune moment and make the move in slow and deliberate manner.
The War memorial was the highlight of Vietnam tour. One can’t believe that such brutalities and act of barbarism could be pepetrated by one human being to another, until one goes to this museum. I could not help feeling sad, and at the same time outraged at seeing the same people who caused the problem still have yet to learnt the lessons. They have not even apologised for the mayhem and the killings being pepetrated over fourty years ago, and today is preparing to go to War against Iran.
Would Vietnamese able to forgive them ? I don’t know though it will be very hard thing to do. Anyway, it’s a moot point, as US has never apologised at all on this tragic war. And many in US still bear grudges agaisnt Vietnam, for having the audacity to fight agasint the best war machines they have and and then send them running back with tails between the legs.
Another highlight was the Cu Chi tunnels, which was built by the Vietcong. It was an elobarate system of tunnels designed against US air superiority. The climb inside the tunnel was rather scary, as it was pitch dark inside, and one could not be sure whether to move front or back at times. Had time to shoot with AK47 using live ammo. Overall, a good place to visit.  One of the tour guide gave a very good and moving account on those living there during battles between US and the Vietcong forces. I could not help congratulating him on this excellent briefing.
Vietnam is undergoing a financial crisis, with high interest rates, inflations and host of other problems. But shops are still crowded, and people are carrying out the daily chores. I hope and is confident that they can get through the crisis with their typical resilience and the support of other Asian nations like China and Japan.

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