Confucious sayings Part 1


Someone called Wankee in a forum remonstrated "all these young western Chinese, many of them have no appreciation of Chinese humanity, Chinese thinking , harmonious living…they see the beautiful moon in the waters and want to jump down to grab it not knowing they will drown in it if they are not careful. .. young ones are impatient, immature, they want instant gratification….they want rewards without working, they dont understanding nature moves slowly, they don’t understand we have to cross the river while feeling the pebbles………".


Wankee was actually describing a phenomenon termed cultural dissonance, where the younger  people have little sympathy for their own cultures, and seemed eager to be accepted as being part of dominant Global Western culture.


Perhaps certain understanding of Chinese cultural heritage will somewhat alleviate this dissonance.  In China, there is a revival of Confucianism, and  a  CCTV series on Lun Yu 论语 (Saying of Confucious) became a hit. The presenter was Yu Dan 于丹, an associate  Professor at Beijing Normal University.


Part of the lecture series with English subtitles are uploaded into youtube.


The Way of the Superior Man 君子之道 Part 1
Part 2
The Way to Make Friends 交友之道

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