SiChuan Earthquake Disaster

This has been a very bad year for China and Asia, coming 4 months after the ice storm disaster. The Burma cyclone disaster is also very bad one.

When I first read about the quake that shake buildings as far as Bangkok, it did not cross my mind the scale of this disaster. Perhaps it was wishful thinking in hoping the nature would not be so violent on China, even though it was a very strong quake. When I read that the Chinese Premier Wen rushed to the scene, I knew that it was disastrous. And with more news coming in, it became increasingly clear that it was a terrible major disaster.

earthquake Horrible collapse of 3-storey school classrooms in Dujiangyan
earthquake2 Frantic rescue at the school site a few hours after the tragedy
earthquake3 Friend in vigil
I have made donation to victims of the Earthquake Disaster through the HongKong Red Cross.

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