Literal translations Part 2

Fun with literal translations:
Nothing wrong… just the choice of word!
This sign should use ‘Exit" instead.
Hilarious menu from Taiwan:
Kungbao chicken is ‘government abused chicken’ ?
hé shāng juàn jīng xiàn wánměi háo zhái
禾 商 圈 惊 现 完美 豪 宅                     (jing xian = found in ;wanmei = perfection ; hao = heroic ; zhai = residence )
Note: Not sure how it develop into concentration camp.
Another embarassing sign from total misunderstanding of English equivalent of character. I suspect the f-word must be at the top of the dictionary i.e. -> fxxx, to do, to act, dry etc.
Poor English.
Who in his right mind will do that ?

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