Literal translations


When signs are badly translated, the results can be disastrous, funny and at times embarrassing.



běn gòng cè wèi  miǎn chōng  shì    (The toilet need not be flushed)
本 共 厕 为 免 冲 式
qīng nín shǐ hòu líkāi jí kě                (Please leave after using )
清 您 使 后 离开 即 可



Explanation not required




lājī zài cǐ tóufàng                    (Rubbish to throw here)
垃圾 在 此 投放    
yān tóu  qiè wù tóu rú           (Cigarette butt absolutely cannot be thrown in )
烟 头 切 勿 投 如



qīng nín dài hǎo  suíshēn wùpǐn      (Please take good care of your luggage)
清 您 带 好 随身 物品



Non explanation required. Yeahcome.





Interesting menu : Give me 1 exploding spring onion and 1 tingle chicken leg rice





According to online dictionary:

gàn to work / to do / to manage gàn manage / stem    gān dry / to concern / shield

I guess the dictionary does not mention that it is also a four letter f – word. Thus it become confusing vice-versa.








Fiell blby massge –  badly mis-spelt and not case of bad translation.

Massage withfire – well that’s one hell of a massage. 





xiǎoxīn luò shuǐ    (Becareful when enters water )
小心 落 水





Hmmm. very crude examination





Again, another problem caused by the 干 character.



No explanation required




chéngrén yòngpǐn   (Adults merchandise or Adults Store)
成人 用品






Very imaginative train ride.











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