World Heritage Sites in China

World Heritage Sites in China  (source:

China has 35 Unesco recognised World Heritage Sites.
I have been to a few. Those underlined are the one that I’ve visited.
Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains 武当山古建筑群(1994)
Ancient City of Ping Yao 平遥古城(1997)
Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui – Xidi and Hongcun 皖南古村落-西递和黄村(2000)
Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom 高苟丽遗址(2004)
Classical Gardens of Suzhou 苏州园林(1997)
Dazu Rock Carvings 大足石刻(1999)
Historic Centre of Macao 澳门古城区(2005)
Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace, Lhasa 布达拉宫(1994)
Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang 明清皇宫(1987)
Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties 明清皇陵(2000)
Kaiping Diaolou and Villages 开平碉楼(2007)
Longmen Grottoes 龙门石窟(2000)
Lushan National Park 庐山国家公园(1996)
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor 秦始皇陵(1987)
Mogao Caves 莫高窟(1987)
Mount Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System 青城山和都江堰(2000)
Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples, Chengde 承德避暑山庄(1994)
Old Town of Lijiang 丽江古城(1997)
Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian 周口店北京人遗址(1987)
Summer Palace, an Imperial Garden in Beijing 颐和园(1998)
Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu 曲阜孔庙孔府和孔林(1994)
Temple of Heaven: an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing 天坛(1998)
The Great Wall 长城(1987)
Yin Xu 殷墟(2006)
Yungang Grottoes 云冈石窟(2001)
Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area 黄龙风景区(1992)
Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area 九寨沟(1992)
Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries 四川大熊猫保护区(2006)
South China Karst 南中国喀斯特地貌(2007)
Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas 云南三江并流(2003)
Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area 武陵源(1992)
Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area 峨眉山和乐山大佛(1996)
Mount Huangshan 黄山(1990)
Mount Taishan 泰山(1987)
Mount Wuyi 武夷山(1999)

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