China bashing by West

IT is great to see China, the third country in Asia to host the Olympic Games. With months to the Games, the West in cohort with its powerful and never- wrong media, and lately by Amnesty International, is trying to disrupt the Games and discredit China and its leadership by using the Tibet issue.
The West is exploiting now after their companies, consultants, architects and suppliers involved in the construction in the Games facilities have pocketed billions of dollars from China. Now some of their leaders are boycotting or consider boycotting the Games. Why didn’t the West boycott the construction of the Games facility earlier even though the Tibet issue was already there? Why didn’t the leader from the West boycott the signing of billions of dollars of deal with the Chinese Government last year especially after they were elected?
On the alleged suppression of Tibet, one must know the history. It’s undeniable that Tibet has been part of China long time ago. The West should not bully China on this issue of alleged suppression. Tibet is fairly developed compared with other parts of China. There is suppression in the West as well but no attention is ever given like the Indians in the reserve in the US.
To add salt to the wound, now comes Amnesty International has proclaimed China the Champ of Capital Punishment. Amnesty International also mentioned about Malaysia. Why didn’t Amnesty International condemn the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi due to the unauthorised invasion? Until today the world doesn’t know the exact number of those perished. Are these innocent lives in Iraq worth less than the criminals? Amnesty International knows that in some countries, punishment for fraud and corruption is death. Why Amnesty International does not advocate the governments in the West to stop their banks from accepting suspicious corrupted money? These may deter some intended criminals from corruption. Surely the banks in the West do not need this loot to help their economy.
We in the Third World should stand up together against all the hypocrisy and bias reports by the West. Let’s hope the Games will go on smoothly.
Petaling Jaya.

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