Why Does this Woman Holds that Man’s Hand

After the 3.14. violent rioting in Lhasa, Tibet, Nanny Pelosi flew to Dharamsala in a rush to meet Dalai Lama.  Why did she choose that time of traveling?  Simply to hold Dalai Lama’s hand.  And, to show to the world that they are comrades-in-arms.

She then, of course, snatched that opportunity, by the way, to pronounce to the world that “Tibet constitutes a challenge to the conscience of the world”.  

Mme. Speaker, when you made that utterance, you had somehow misspoken Iraq for “Tibet”.  And the world laughed.  It is Iraq, which has been under occupation and where some 1.2 million people have perished under that occupation ever since it began, that constitutes a chilling challenge to the conscience of the world.

She even bitterly cried where the American “moral authority” is if her country does not speak out on Tibet.  Well, did she make believe that she doesn’t believe?  With Quantanamo, Abu Ghraib, secret prisons, you name it, could she have even failed to see the deplorable desiccation of what she called in Dharamsala the American “moral authority”?

Ironically, for Dalai Lama’s game, palm-greasing was a mean feat to help.


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