My Chinese heart (Wo De Zhong Guo Xin )

Sung by a Lao Wai who called himself Hong Lao Wai. A very commendable effort in singing this patriotic song. 
Translated by Wankee:
Rivers and mountains in my dreams
Been many years afar from my ancestral land
No matter, what ever, nothing can change
My Chinese heart

Western suits I may wear on the body
My heart is a Chinese heart
My ancestors long ago has etched into me
A China chop

Yangtze, Great Wall
Yellow Mountain, Yellow River
Weight a thousand catties in my heart

No matter when
No matter where
China is close to my heart

The blood that flows in my heart
Beating, pounding out the sound and music of all Chinese
Even if my body is in your villages, I cannot change the fact that
My heart is a Chinese heart.


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