A Chinese heroin in Paris

  See how a Free Tibetan thug could stoop so low ! 

During the Paris leg of the Olympic torch rally, a number of Free Tibetan thugs tried to assault torch bearers.

Jin Jing, a disabled athlete from China was one such torch bearers. Even with disability, she held the olympic torch firmly and proudly, in the face of adversity from the thugs.

She is the heroin in the eyes many Chinese, as she proudly held the Olympic torch in her hand, shielding it from a thugs who represents the foreign powers that tried to take it away from her, but could not.

This should be the symbol to the new generation of Chinese youth, its young men and women, that they are the hope of their motherland. They are its future guardians. They will be its future leaders!

Every era must have a powerful symbol of its people’s WILL TO LIVE.


"At that moment, I was only thinking about protecting the Olympic flame!" Yesterday our reporter received a SMS message from Olympic torch bearer Jin Jing who is in Paris (France).

Jin Jing is a Shanghai girl and a member of the Chinese national wheelchair fencing team.  Through the process of Olympic torch bearer selection, she became an overseas torch bearer.  On the day before yesterday in Paris, Jin Jing was interfered with by Tibet independence protestors during the torch exchange.  She did everything  she could to protect the Olympic flame.  Afterwards, the photos and stories about Jin Jing’s feat were circulated on the major Chinese portals as everyone was touched by the "girl who used her body to protect the Olympic flame."

Jin Jing is 27 years old.  She is from the Baoshan district of Shanghai.  She loved to sing and dance as a child.  When she was nine years ago, fate took a cruel turn as a malignant tumor was found in her leg.  She was forced to undergo amputation.

Jin Jing did not lose her joy for life after losing her leg.  Her vivacity and optimism were infectious to everyone around her.  On July 13, 2001, which was the day when Beijing succeeded in getting the 2008 Olympics, she was chosen to the Shanghai wheelchair fencing team.  She was later chosen for the national team.  Jin Jing said: "I loved to see justice win.  I loved to watch Zorro and that is why I love fencing!"

Jin Jing and her teammates won the silver medal at the Asian Games in Pusan.  She has personally won a bronze medal at the World Championships.  Due to her age, she cannot attend the Beijing Handicapped Olympics.  To fulfil her Olympic dreams, she entered the selection process for the Olympic torch bearers and she was one of the selectees.

In Paris, Jin Jing was the torch bearer for the third leg.  On that day, Jin Jing sat in her wheelchair, took her torch and waited quietly for the exchange.

But at that moment, something unexpected happened: a Tibetan splittist broke through the police line and attempted to wrestle the torch from her hand.  Jin Jing had never encountered anything like this, so her instinctive reaction was to embrace the torch.  An overseas Chinese student at the scene said later: "That girl turned her back on the thug.  He hit her, he pulled at her hands but she held on to the torch with all her might."  Finally, the thug was subdued and taken away by the police.  But the lower jaw of Jin Jing had been scratched.  She lift up her head and held the torch up high.

The Chinese overseas students in the crowd were moved to tears.  They chanted aloud: "Girl, be strong!  Go!  Go, China!" The citizens of Paris were touched by Jin Jing and they applauded her as she finished her leg.

The story of Jin Jing quickly spread across the forums and BBS’s in China.  Thousands of netizens left comments immediately.  Many people said that they were crying when they read the story about her .  They said: "Girl, you were strong.  We are proud of you!" "Jin Jing, you are pretty but your heart is even prettier.  We all support you.  Long live the motherland!"

Jin Jing is wistful about this Olympic torch tour: "Certain people have ulterior motives.  These shameless deeds are an affront to the Olympic spirit." Jin Jing was angry when she said that.  Then she said: "But I can tell from the reaction of the citizens of Paris that they disapprove of the interference of the Olympic torch tour."

Jin Jing said that she had conferred with the other torch bearers that they will maintain their smiles in public no matter what happens in order to show the spirit of the Chinese people to the whole world.  Jin Jing and her companions were able to accomplish that.  "I think that the eyes of the people are snow-bright clear.  Everybody can see our dedication to the Olympics.  Everybody can see that and nobody can take it away!" Jin Jing said, "At that moment, I felt that the entire motherland is supporting me, and our Olympics will be completed successfully!"




Jin Jing hold the torch firmly


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