What are the longer-term implications of the anti-Chinese hysteria?

Do you agree with Platypus’s view ? I think it is a valid one. Their cultural attitude hardly changed; it merely being hidden underneath and would resurface at  times. 

Author: platypus
Date:   04-08-08 13:09

Long term consequences?

We’re looking at it now. Anti-Chinese hysteria have been with us a long time. Look back into the history books of US, Canada, Australia, UK for the past 200 years or so, all the stuff about Yellow Peril. The use of racial epithets has changed. The underlying hostility has not. History doesn’t change much over time. Culture changes even less. The westerners would tell you, "but racial attitudes have changed now". I don’t believe so. Why did the British of 1840’s think that it was OK to invade China just to keep its opium sales? What made them do that? How were the Brits back then different from the Brits today? Were they less enlightened, less knowledgable, less empathetic…….?

Of course not. They were people much like the people today. They’re the same people. Anti-Chinese hysteria is ever-present. It only takes certain events to bring it to the surface, and to a full boil.



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