Chinese response to Olympic boycott

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Author: ModernChinese 
Date:   03-23-08 00:55

The lack of maturity of a man is shown in his wobbling principle when he is so easily cowed, manipulated and forced to do what he is told, not what he believes in and decides to do.

The strength, confidence and level of advancement of a country are demonstrated in its capability to plan, implement and execute a well-thought out strategy, national projects steadfastly, on time and within budget, overcome any difficulties, any challenges from adversarial conditions, human rivals or natural disasters.

The Chinese nation, in the Chinese century, has shown her remarkable strength and resilience in coping with all of the above challenges. We, the Modern Chinese, never have seen our country in such a proud and powerful spirit ever since the founding of our People’s Republic of China.

Our enemies and the skeptics have all their “predictions and wishes” of the imminent collapse of our country from day one, when Mr. Mao ZeDong, the revolutionary founding leader of our nation stood on the TianAnMen on October 1st, 1949 and delivered the thunderous announcement to the world: ”Our Chinese people have risen up!”

With this new martial spirit, our Chinese people have gone on to liberate our whole country, expelling and defeating all enemies, domestic or foreign, from civil war to sweep out the GuoMingDang gangsters out to the sea, from Korea War to Vietnam War, from counterattack to repel the Indian intruders(1962) to the CIA-back Tibetan separatists (1959), the Chinese people NEVER retreat in their determination to defend their country sovereignty, never let one inch of our Motherland fall under the enemy boot, never allow the enemies to derail our national development…

And now, more than ever, we will NOT let the Western insects deter our plan with their mosquitoes bites. To deviate from our planned development is to give in to the Western filthy blackmail when our people are fully capable to repel and defeat them in ANY fields that they attempt to engage us. This struggle is the ultimate test to separate pure gold from glittering fake, separate the real patriotic Modern Chinese from the Chinese imposters, separate the friends from the saboteurs…

We have stared down the Soviets in 1979, we stared down the Japan-US military alliance over Taiwan in 2008, and we WILL slap our hands to crush those Tibetan terrorists mosquitoes in a few days. We will let them taste their own medicine with our own counteroffensives where and when they are least expecting. People all over the world understand and stand by China, brushing aside the Western lies, smears and malicious propaganda onto their face.

The Beijing 2008 Olympics Games WILL go on, as planned, to the complete success.

The current Tibetan terrorist attacks are just the beginning. We expect more and more coordinated Western-instigated terrorist attacks in the near future, because they are desperate to distract the world attention from their genocides in their immoral wars in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Palestine…The world, however, has not taken their eyes off their crime scenes, not even for a moment. They WILL be held accountable for every child they murder, every house they demolish, every land they devastates.


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