Free press in China


The " larger flow of information, allow for developments that ultimately benefit more people and citizens than if the press is not free" is plausible, provided all else are equal.



Free media mantra seems to be the sacred cow of the West, that find much support among people. But the benefit seems  highly overrated. Was the free media able to stop the Wars in Iraq and Vietnam? None, whatsoever.   Did it  helped to substantially stem the corruption problems or improve living standards in emerging economies of India, the Philippines, Thailand and Nepal ? There is little to suggest that it could.



Also, we know that the mainstream media everywhere are actually controlled by the elites, and thus they are not that ‘free’ as been suggested.


In the case of China, how would she adopt and ensure free press at home? What if some section of the media choose to work along with the Taiwanese seperatists, CIA or other foreign governments, or they choose to promote ethnic causes. Who will then be the media watchdog if the government relinguishes the job ? These are things that need to be answered before China could also free press.


But if it is a call for freer media in China that works along with central government to highlight corruptions and power abuse by officials, then I would certaintly agree. I am quite sure that China is working along this line too.



hello spaced-out guy, the rioters rob, steal and burn and kill innocent lives and you said they are "just chasing away Chinese" ?? you are unbelievable.

in China you can choose and practice religion you like AS LONG AS you do not take part in activities to challenge the authority, create social unrest or practice cults. This is the same as in any country, moron. Can US or UK or singapore allow radical muslims or any religious group to conduct activities which they think will be a security issue to the govermment or state? The separatist Dalai and his gang did just that so it is not surprising they must be dealt with accordingly.

The economic improvements in Tibet benefit the Han Chinese but also the Tibetians. In any country, it is common to see the dominant race doing better. You go to US and you see the whites are richer don’t you? In Malaysia, you have the NEP in place to safeguard the interest of malays. In China, there is NO such thing as a poilcy favoring any race. There are some who are being left out in progress but which country doesn’t have ? it shows how biased you are in your statements.

Those Tibetians that stay and cooperate with the government in their efforts to improve the region are heroes, contrary to what you say. Those that continue to shout for independence are hypocrites and traitors.

Why China has block the media from reporting there? because it is exactly those so-called western "reporters" that helped to instigate and fan protests, tha’ts why stupid. Even for the real ones, their reports are typically biased and too frequently, distort facts to fit their agendas. Good things are almost never report but they are always bent on digging under the carpets to find fault with China. Why should China let these troublemakers in anyway?


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