Youtube on Tibet WAS,IS,and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China

Clearly, this was produced as reaction to unfair and biased Western media coverage of the event in Tibet. Many Chinese are veryy angry of  the blantant biased and distortion coming form Western press. 

These violent mobs are have acted cowardly in beating, stoning, knifing and killing a number of innocent ethnic Han and Hui Chinese. There are no excuses for such behaviour, but yet Western media make it as righteous protest and the Chinese are guilty. 

The West is the worst hypocrite. If the next bomb goes somewhere in Israel, India, London, will the US State department telling the respective  government to "restrain from retaliation and understand the xxxxx culture"

Those Free Tibet people in the West should not stop there. Why not :

Free Northern Ireland from British!

Free Diego Garcia from Britain!

Free Basque from Spain!

Free Kahmir from India!

Free Assam from India!

Free Quebec from Canada!

Free Native Americans from concentration camps!

Free Hawaii!

Free Alaska!

Free Guam!

Free Greenland from Denmark!

Free New Zealand from White colonists. NZ for Maoris only!

Free Australia. Australia for Aboriginals only!

And, ultimately, free ALL continents from the white colonialists!



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