A Hobson’s choice for Obama

The US election is a long and tedious process. Only the rich can afford to be in the race. This guy wchao37 in TTCD part of CD forum, is one whose view I hold in high esteem.

That’s why I said Obama is dangerous for China and for himself.
Not that there’s anything wrong about his integrity as far as we can detect at this juncture, but for the fact that he HAS to prove to mainstream whites that he is TOUGH on Islam, TOUGH on China, TOUGH on anything non-mainstream but still moves.

This election isn’t about religious beliefs.  

It is about the fast-weakening economy and the sense of doom resulting from military misadventures and their accompanying misconduct abroad.  

The nation wants to get out of Iraq and to get rid of Gitzmo.  It wants to rescue the free-falling dollar and increase its competitiveness in an increasingly flat world.  

Obama’s rhetoric soothes its citizens’ nerves and strikes a chord in the heart of Middle America, and he comes across as a sincere, confident, natural orator with a panoramic vision.  That accounts for his success so far.   

But that’s not enough to win the superdelegates to clinch the nomination for him.  The rest of the contests, including the likely mail-in re-matches in Florida and Michigan, is a tough uphill battle unlike the ones before March 4.  

Even though Hillary had made a serious booboo in fielding the Clinton-Obama ticket, which showed their recklessly presumptuous and insatiable appetite for power, that doesn’t mean Obama has the democratic nomination in his pocket yet.

Right now his worst enemies are the black activists amongst his past and present associates.  The whiteys are going to dig up dirt even where there isn’t any, let alone where there’s ten buckets of it right at the front porch of the church which he attends.

So now he has to strike a new path in having it both ways — winning the whiteys with his maverick and natural oratory and making them feel they are going to have their interests protected, while not forsaking his roots which the blacks assume ought to go with his skin color and not his upbringing in white-dominated America.

None of the great number of white male figures in his party could win confidence in the primaries — not even someone like John Edwards who had seemed to be eminently electable at the start of Campaign ’08.

Towards the end of the Qin Dynasty in China (221 – 206 B.C.E.), it was realized that Qin had lost its deer (秦失其鹿,"lu" or as a symbol of political power), and central authority was up for grabs.  Since it was a powerful combination of both the harshness of political oppression and the dire state of the economy that wrought havoc on the Qin state, armed resistance was the natural outcome.  

Presently, other than the potential for civil war, the elements for a paradigm shift in political direction exists at this very moment in Washington D.C.  

The so-called elections give the country a safety valve when some fundamental changes are expected, but if rules are broken and the superdelegates are seen to favor Hillary despite a preponderance of votes for Obama, there will be a political backlash that might roil over into civil unrest.

If for personal safety considerations alone, it would have been better for Hillary to be on the second spot.  If she’s in the first spot with Obama in the second, it is almost guaranteed that she’ll be assassinated.

What’s in store for other minority groups in America?

Since Obama has to please both the mainstream whites and his black constituents, that leaves very little room for him to try to please other minority groups such as the Hispanics and the Asians.  

Under his administration, the present high tide of Asian dominance of elite institutions of higher learning will gradually subside.  He will let in more whites and blacks under various pretexts and changes in admissions criteria.

In foreign policy, he will withdraw from Iraq and use China as a scapegoat for America’s economic woes.  What other alternatives does he have?  

So this election will provide us with a political barometer gauging the altitude of the attitudes of the younger segments of Mainstream America.  

The very fact that Obama has been winning literally all of the caucuses should tell us a thing or two about where the country is headed.  

Caucuses are attended by political activists of each of the states where they are held.  That precludes the old, the infirm, and nightshift workers.  That’s why the exit polls conducted invariably showed that the urban young of all colors and persuasions have opted to vote for Obama, while the older, more distrusting segment of the electorates have gone for Hillary in the primaries in big states.

That means barring extremely damaging revelations such as prior financial contributions to Farrakhan’s church, Obama is bound to become president some day since the Young Force of the nation is with him.


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