Death Toll Rises to 10 in Lhasa Riot

This is a tragedy. Lessons need to be learn The authorities should have been more prepared, knowing that the Dalai clique will go all out to cause problems with the coming Olympic.
Those murdering mobs need to be taught good lessons and dealt with severely. It is also a lesson to Chinese to be more cautious in dealings with the Americans and Europeans, who are supporting act of separatism by Dali clique. For a start, Tibet should now be closed to Western tourists coming from Nepal. Western tourists should be pactically banned from going there, unless sponsored by Chinese embassy in respective countries. Only those that have made contributions in China or promote towards better understandings between the culture or nations, can be given the neccesary visa.
Next, bring in more Chinese of other ethnicities, and also Nepalese of Bhutanese origin to Tibet. This should dilute Tibetan ethnicity. Monastries belonging to the Yellow Hat sect, need to be monitored very closely. Children recruits should be banned. Education system shall be free for all, and follow the National Education curriculum.  Tibet language will be taught, but Mandarin shall be the medium of instructions. In not too distance future, these Tibetans should be assimilated and their religious rituals simplified or modernised. Science education should also be introduced to them at younger age, to free them from religious superstitions. 
Those who want to practice their old rituals, would be left isolated reservations, just like they way US and the Australians deal with theri natives people. Only this time don’t give them alcohol or blankets infected with small pox or host of other disease (That will be just barbaric – no need to go down to that level).
2008-03-15 11:50:03     Xinhua
Death toll from Friday’s riot in Lhasa has increased from 7 to 10, the Tibet regional government said Saturday morning.
"The victims are all innocent civilians, and they have been burnt to death," said an official with the regional government.
The victims include two hotel employees and two shop owners, said the official.

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