On The Economist Magazine

This statement by a China Daily forumnite,  has lots of gems of truth.
2008-3-8 09:02 PM
by wChao37
"Economist" is a downright ugly publication on economics and politics.
Read it for its English and wry humor, not for its reports.  Its background is Dow Chemicals — a company manufacturing the ingredients for bombs and other weapons. 
To the editors of this publication, nothing China does is ever pristine clean or good. 
Trying to find an impartial article in such a place is like trying to find a virgin in a whorehouse.
Every cloud has a silver lining though — its short and crisp topical titles are excellent.
You should try to read the articles first, and then ask yourself what titles YOU would have given them had you been the editor.
You’ll learn a lot with this exercise because it forces you to focus on the essence of the message.  

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